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Ibizan Hounds and Podencos

Ibizan Hounds are also known as “pods” from the word Podenco, a genre of sight hounds with physical and personality similarities as well as differences.


Depending upon the geographic locations of where and what they were originally bred to hunt, pods range from tall and white to tiny and red.

They are an ancient breed of hunting dog that is native to Spain though there are theories that the Moors brought them from north Africa.

Among their common traits are often large, upright very expressive ears, flesh-coloured noses (except the Oritos and Xarnegos that can have it black) and the most amazing eyes that range in colours from amber to olive. The predominant coat colours are red and white with smooth or rough coats with an occasional black.

Family Members

They love their humans, are as clean as a cat, and respect the rules of a household. This breed blushes when they get excited, as does the Pharaoh Hound.

Ibizans like to learn and do so very quickly. They are trainable, but tend to be wilful and get bored easily. Provided they have been properly trained, they can participate in many types of dog sports.

These dogs are very sensitive to the voice of their handler and a friendly request will always achieve more than a gruff command. 


Podencos are sighthounds.

They hunt by sight rather than scent however they do have selective hearing and an independent nature. They will take off running and WILL NOT come back until they feel like it.

The strong chase instinct and lack of caution in traffic can lead to disaster. A large fenced area that is at least 6′ tall is required. Podencos are problem solvers and will do what it takes to pursue something they take an interest in.

They are also clowns and can be very silly. They are extremely loyal and affectionate.



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