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Ibizan Hound Rescue 

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Spanish Hunting Dogs
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Almost daily, we see Podencos skittering throughout traffic, lurking in rubbish bins and even sadder, dead on the side of the road. Our mission is to rescue these incredible hounds and give them the chance they deserve.


The hounds we rescue are often suffering from starvation, various injuries, parasite infestations and all manner of orthopaedic issues.








We will never deny a dog in need of medical care but veterinary services can run into many thousands of euros. Our main source of revenue is your support — we cannot do what is needed for the dogs without your help.

We provide them with the best available veterinary care to ensure their future health and viability. In addition, many dogs are suffering from physical and mental abuse, we provide the necessary care and time it takes for them to learn to trust humans.


Ibizan Hound Rescue is a registered animal charity. Located in southern Spain in the heart of hunting country, we are witness to the aftermath of indiscriminate breeding.

Traditionally, Podencos are used for a short recreational rabbit hunting season and not considered pet worthy. When a Podenco is deemed useless after the hunt season, they are simply abandoned, left to fend for themselves or dumped at a kill station with numbered days until their extermination.


We are one of the few shelters in Spain focusing on the care and rescue of Podencos as they are even more disposable in Spain than the Galgos.

Charity Registration: G73690117
Nucleos Zoologicos: ES300330140692

Through sponsorship, rehabilitation and fostering, we work tirelessly to ensure that every dog who comes into our care has the best opportunity possible to find a new forever home. 

Our ultimate goal for our rescued dogs is to place them in forever homes.


Podencos love their humans, other dogs and want to be part of a family more than anything. 

They tend to be very sensitive and are highly responsive to the people. We carefully screen applicants as we want to ensure the best placement for our dogs. 

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