AGE: 01/01/06

WEIGHT: 16 kilos

HEIGHT: 21" tall

ABOUT: Luki is an IHR favorite. This poor boy was rescued from a horrendous situation where he'd been kept on an 18" chain for at least two years and living in his own feces. He was the first dog that IHR ever hesitated about putting in their van as he stunk and was covered in brown dirt! And, the first thing he did when he hopped in was cock his leg on the back seat! It's taken months for him to be able to run normally as his back legs were very weak. The poor guy would start to sag and sit down, but now he is as fit as a fiddle and his coat is very soft and clean. The most gentle dog we have presently, he never goes back at other dogs if they bully or bark in his face, Our blind house dog Corky bit him on the face badly and he never even retaliated!

Yes, I'd like more information about LUKI!

Luki when rescued, found tethered on an 18" chain, note the color of his drinking water.