Ibizan Hound Rescue is overrun with needy pods! We are three stiff-upper lip-UK types who are not at all comfortable asking for help. Well, we are taking a stand now and asking for participants to join our new "sponsor a pod" program.

We have an unprecedented number of nursing mums and pups, all requiring vaccinations, worming, and microchips. And there is a waiting list as we get calls daily to take in podencos that we simply don't have the funds or space to accommodate.

Because we are not a kennel facility and prefer to keep as many dogs as we can in our own home, we must outsource several dogs to private kennels. Last month our kennel fees alone came to 800 euros. In addition, we care for several "special need" pods who may never be able to be adopted due to the crippling circumstances from which they were rescued.

We are one of the few shelters in Spain focusing on care and rescue of pods as they are even more disposable in Spain than the galgos. Pods are highly intelligent but very sensitive to the horrors that they have endured. We work with our rescues diligently to help them become ready for their forever homes.