Our "particular" pods are those that have special needs in the way of behavioral or physical challenges. Any of them will make a wonderful friend and would benefit from having a home of their own, but all require experienced sighthound owners with love and patience. If it never happens, these pods will be none the wiser as we adore them all and offer a loving home with us.  


AGE: 11/11/14

WEIGHT: 18 kgs


ABOUT: A Particular Pod. Radar is deaf and came to IHR as a five month old pup. He is very energetic, loves to run with the other dogs but sometimes uses his height and weight to attempt to dominate them He walks well on the lead and he loves to steal anything he can. If it isn't nailed down or well out of his long reach, it'll be in his mouth. Radar would be best to be homed with someone experienced with sighthounds and interested in taking on the challenge of a deaf dog.

Until the right family is ready for Radar, please consider him a sponsor dog.