Our "particular" pods are those that have special needs in the way of behavioral or physical challenges. Any of them will make a wonderful friend and would benefit from having a home of their own, but all require experienced sighthound owners with love and patience. If it never happens, these pods will be none the wiser as we adore them all and offer a loving home with us.  

PITULO/PEETY is reserved!!!!


ABOUT: A Particular Pod. Peety was found totally exhausted lying in the street, dehydrated and had given up. We were concerned that he was paralyzed as he couldn't stand. The vet put him on a drip, but after 24 hours, he was still unable to stand. X Rays show nothing broken, injections were not helping, so the step was a scan to see if nerve damage was the problem. It turned out he had Ehrlichia and his blood platelets were through the floor. After a few days of treatment, he began to stand on his own and the next thing we knew he was taking steps! We are keeping a careful eye on him as he still has a way to go to regain full strenght and health.

Please sponsor Peety while he continues to be cared for which requires special food with additional nutrition. 

Peety when first found.