special hounds

Our special hounds are those that have special needs in the way of behavioral or physical challenges. Any of them will make a wonderful friend and would benefit from having a home of their own, but all require experienced sighthound owners with love and patience. If it never happens, these pods will be none the wiser as we adore them all and offer a loving home with us.  


Lucas sadly passed away in August 2018 after suffering a stroke. We hope we gave him a loving caring home whilst he was with us after his life on the streets. He was loved and very much part of the family xxxxxxxxxx

ABOUT: Lucas came to Ibizan Hound Rescue very thin after roaming the streets for quite some time in one of our local towns. He was caught by our Spanish helpers and handed over to us at our vets.

Poor Lucas is struggling to put on weight, his blood results show that he is clear of the four main Mediterranean diseases which is great news.

HOWEVER, the blood results revealed that he has difficulty in processing the protein from his food.

Initially it was very difficult to get Lucas interested in eating anything which is very unusual for a dog that had been rescued from the streets. This was despite Lucas being offered better food than we were eating!!!

He now eats a special dry food (very expensive) that is supplemented with raw meat or sardines and has regained his appetite. 

Lucas is an older boy and after what we believe was a long time of living on the streets is slowly settling in to the home life. Answers to his name and has the confidence now to come and go in the house as he wants. We know when it is feeding time now as he stands by his feeding area and gently barks just to remind us of the time. He will be confused when the clocks change though LOL.

Please sponsor Lucas and help us make his life full to overflowing with fun and laughter. All it takes is a special diet and this lovely boy will thrive!