special hounds

Our special hounds are those that have special needs in the way of behavioral or physical challenges. Any of them will make a wonderful friend and would benefit from having a home of their own, but all require experienced sighthound owners with love and patience. If it never happens, these pods will be none the wiser as we adore them all and offer a loving home with us.  


ABOUT:  Lassie, is a very, very timid girl who requires a home with ultimate patience to give her the time to learn to trust. She accepts Bo, as the guy who looks after her in private boarding kennels, but when any stranger visits, she clears a 6' fence to get back to her bed and quiet area. She is a lovely scruffy medium sized pod, bloods all clear, vaccinated and spayed. We believe Lassie will be a smashing family member but patience is needed to let her blossom at her own pace.

Please sponsor Lassie to help with her private kennel fees.

Peety when first found.