special hounds

Our special hounds are those that have special needs in the way of behavioral or physical challenges. Any of them will make a wonderful friend and would benefit from having a home of their own, but all require experienced sighthound owners with love and patience. If it never happens, these pods will be none the wiser as we adore them all and offer a loving home with us.  


ABOUT: Well, what can we say about Finn? He is an older guy, set in his ways, lives with the Hughes in their house and pees on all their furniture. Finn is most likely un-homeable. We could not let him pee on anyone else's things, and the thought of him being an outdoor dog without his settee cuddles and home comforts, in his old age is unbearable. He has had multiple tests to determine his pee issues but nothing concrete has ever been found. A loving sweet guy, we accept his particularities. 

So… a sponsor dog he is.... please help us to pay for mop heads, bucket and disinfectant!